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Fight Leukemia
At 11 months old, Damir has been diagnosed with leukemia. The road ahead of him and his family will be long and challenging. His parents, Christina and Dima are Fred Astaire Dance Studio Directors, figuring out how to navigate this difficult time while keeping a sense of normalcy for his 4-year-old sister Adelina. 

We want to support one of our littlest supporters any way we can, which is why in an effort to support the Turcan family, we are donating to the cause from the sales of our products. The purchase of any Silk to Cotton Designs products will contribute to a fund set up which directly helps the family to pay for his medical care. 

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All Purchases Support Baby Damir & Family
Cotton Pajamas
If you're looking for a go-to pair of comfortable cotton pajamas, look no further. Designed with the same features and style as our luxury silk pajamas, they will look great well into your morning routine.   Customization available with zodiac signs, logos & more
Silk Pillowcases
The Ultimate Secret to Glossy Hair, Cleaner Skin, and Better Sleep. These fashionable silk pillowcases made with our SC Silk material meaning less bed head, no morning wrinkles, and all of your skincare products stay on your skin.
Silk Pajamas 
If you're looking for a luxurious pair of silk pajamas, look no further. Designed with your style and comfort in mind, these fashionable silk pajamas nourish your skin as you sleep, while the attractive style will look great well into your morning routine. 
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Support Baby Damir and the Turcan Family?
Every sale from Silk to Cotton will help us contribute to the expenses the Trucan family is experiencing as a result of Baby Damirs diagnosis.  Help us help them!
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